Dear Friend!
I’m not going to stress the point. I’m sure you value your time like i value mine.
So, let’s get straight to business.

If you’d love to:


Join the online money-making club


Live a life of freedom – financial and locational


Support and take care of your loved ones


Live and work on your own terms

All of these are possible with a laptop and an Internet connection.

If you have either tried and failed, or yet to get started because you are hopelessly confused and don’t know where to start, I’d like to tell you ONE TRUTH I wish I knew some years back.

Had I known this truth, I wouldn’t have struggled when I started my journey. I’d probably be rich at 18, instead of just starting to make huge amounts of money at 20.

If you know this TRUTH, you will:

  • Have a huge advantage over your competition and in many ways.
  • Fast track your success while everyone makes mistakes.
  • Avoid the struggles and inevitable frustrations that cause 87% of your competitors to quit.
  • Be on the fastlane to making your first $$ (+many more online), while doing less work. Yes. Less work.

And that TRUTH is:

There is no such thing as“making money”.

Read that line again.

Confused? I know you are.

Keep reading and I’ll prove it to you.

There’s nothing like “making money,” there’s only influencing people to give you their money without stress.


It sounds awkward, doesn’t it?

Keep reading…

Every successful entrepreneur understands and have applied this to become successful.

This truth has been staring us right in the face this whole time. Few people recognised it and jumped to action.

Once you understand and apply this, the sky automatically becomes your starting point.

That’s when the veil is lifted and it starts to make sense.

That’s when you start making fuck tonnes of money.

I’m certain of this because I have experienced it first hand.

Here’s something about me you didn’t know…

3 years ago I was a broke boy living on <$2/day and <$45 per month.

I was in my first year in the university, taking a course I barely loved, that’d probably earn me a whooping $85 monthly or flat out unemployed.

But now?

Things couldn’t be anymore different.

What changed? Glad you asked… I’ll tell you.

Exactly 2 years and 11 months ago, I started my journey into the online world and learned how to make people swipe their cards at me.

Little did I know using these timeless strategies I’m about to share with you, you can not only support yourself…


You can make more money than a chartered accountant, bank manager, University Professor in a few months.

You can travel the world, buy nice things, move out of your parent’s house, make money FROM ANYWHERE on God’s land as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection.

Hell you can make money in your sleep!!!

Imagine being able to afford all these and many more.

I can imagine it because I AM LIVING PROOF of it.

Now maybe you don’t care much about these kind of things.

That’s fine.

To be honest, all these shiny things don’t mean shit compared to the feeling of knowing you’d never struggle to pay rent or to put food on the table or ever have to worry about your finances till you die….

But if making money from your laptop is something you’re interested in, I want you to know that understanding this concept of making people give you their hard earned cash is most important.

Specifically, the key is understanding exactly how to make them do this.

That’s the tough part.

That’s where most people flop.

The good news is; it’s very simple!

And can be learned as soon as now, through these expert secrets called Branding.

Branding is simply the perceived value your brand holds and how much people are willing to go to get your product.

And if you’re good at it, which you will be because I have made it as simple as ABC…

You’d make fucktonnes of money in the dropshipping business without putting in too much work.

I’ll explain… read on.

I’ve applied this concept to my personal Twitter account (@HQawiyy) and grown from less than 732 followers to 6.8k+ in 3 months.

Now I apply this to businesses I handle, both mine and that of clients.

When you fully understand the basics of building a brand, you’d succeed at dropshipping.

It’s understanding how to influence people’s buying decision, making them fall in love with your brand to continuously whip out cold cash.

Now, maybe you’re a newbie to dropshipping. Maybe you don’t already have a business running.

I know how overwhelming it can be because approximately 3 years ago, I was in your position, too.

But I can tell you right now:

If you don’t know where to start, start here and now!

It’s exactly what I did and while I may be exceptional in the fact that I started making money early enough…..

There’s absolutely no way learning this won’t shortcut your way to success in dropshipping.

It’s just impossible.

Because as I said earlier, the only way to get closer to making people fork over their money to you is to influence their thought process.

And that’s the full essence of branding.

So, whether or not you decide to buy this e-book, just know it contains vital information to help you succeed at dropshipping.

I’ve been able to make a name for myself and achieve pretty great things for myself in a reasonable period of time and I owe it to understanding what is in this book.

Without it, I’d be nothing. Absolutely broke.

I want you to understand it, too. I want to open your eyes to what I wish someone opened mine to.

I’ve taken every single bit of what I lost – time and money – in E-commerce and put it all into one detailed and easy-to-digest e-book.

I call it the No B.S Sales Launcher (N.B.S.L.)

And it’s designed to be the simplest, fastest and most effective way to scale and build a successful E-commerce brand.

So easy an 11 year old can start with it!

There’s a gazillion YouTube videos, courses, articles, etc on dropshipping.

And you can possibly try consuming them all. But it takes a whole lot of time and leaves you confused.

I know because I tried it.

N.B.S.L is your shortcut to scaling at dropshipping. Instead of having to painstakingly spend numerous hundreds of hours surfing the Internet going through various videos, articles, applying what you learn, seeing what works and what doesn’t on your budget like I did...

You get all the foolproof knowledge I have acquired from years of being a guinea pig – testing what works and what doesn’t.

You get it all in one place, with absolutely ZERO bullshit.

Nothing but pure, actionable information on the specific strategies I used to build a 6-figure brand and make 6 figures.

If you apply them, you’re guaranteed even better results.

Now, if you want results like mine, will you put in real work? Yes.  Absolutely! Nothing happens without efforts.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not ponzi.

It is a manual on principles and strategies of brand building so you can go out, do the work and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Okay, enough talk.

If you read to this point, my guess is you’d like to know exactly what you’d get.

It covers everything you need and will serve as a great guide, highly valuable.

But you’ll have to cough up $$’s because once you pay for something, you’ll actually apply it (I’ll make damn sure my men-tees apply it, but I don’t know if you will and I want you to win too–so that’s why I need you to part with some money).

How much money?

Not $2500.

Not $1997.

Not $597.

Not even $397.

Or even $297.

Even though it’s worth 10x this.

And here’s what you’ll get

  • Unfuck your mind (do this and you’re bound to succeed).
  • Is dropshipping for you? (Find out on page 9). PRO TIP: YES!
  • What’s the minimum capital you should have? Well find out yourself.
  • A complete, no holds barred, step by step guide to running a converting Facebook ad in the least amount of time.
  • The Facebook algorithm.
  • How to structure your campaigns.
  • How to target any audience in under 10 minutes.
  • How to make Facebook happy (by understanding this, Facebook will reward you with cheaper, higher-quality traffic).
  • How to structure an irresistible ad copy (a great product with an average copy will outsell a bad product with great copy).
  • 6 steps to spot a fake supplier and 6 steps to spot a good one (I lost exactly $15,080 because I didn’t know these).
  • Tools and step-by-step guide to find the right product and audience in 120 minutes or less.
  • A niche or general store? My expert opinion.
  • Awaken the marketer in you: Market research 101 + where and How to market.
  • Branding vs a dropshipping store: What’s the way forward? Find out.
  • Guaranteed payment gateway for your country as a Nigerian/African. Never worry about PayPal and Stripe.
  • The top 5 countries you should sell to. (Your gurus don’t want you to know them).
  • Make money on autopilot: My 6 MUST-HAVE apps (2 of them increased my conversion rates by 782%).


These are extra things you stand to gain if you purchase this NO BS SALES LAUNCHER

  • 500 Facebook Ads Samples
    Top notch Facebook ads samples you can copy and apply that helps boost  more sales 
  • 500 Twitter Ads Samples 
    Up to 500 ads samples from experts in the game that can help you make more sales when applied.
  • A FREE 30-Minutes Call Consultation
    I charge $250/30 minutes for this but am giving it to you free as an added bonus when you get this book
  • 3 books that changed my life! 
    I will hand over the 3 books that changed my life, my mindset and thinking which got me to this level

If you act now,

I guarantee you can attain Total Financial Freedom when you put in the work.

You can Afford everything you have ever wanted and more.

But that’s only possible IF you take the first step and invest in yourself.

What people said about Abdul-Qawiyy?


If you’re in Nigeria and wanna learn Ecom / entrepreneurship, follow @HQawiyy. He’s your best resource and drops valuable insights daily. Stop asking me to mentor you. Stop asking me when Amazon will come to Nigeria. Stop wasting my time with questions you can find on Google.

Abdul-Qawiyy knows his stuff. I’ve talked to him personally over DMs. Genuine and down to earth. From E-commerce, FB ads and digital marketing in general- he has you covered


Thus far, I have had the chance to go over a lot of Abdul’s content. His tweets in addition to his threads are very insightful & have personally helped me out a lot with my personal brand. What is great about Abdul is that he has great content for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also drops a lot of wisdom to enhance one’s mindset. He is a bright kid that spreads a positive message.

We had the opportunity to talk a few times thru the DM’s and he is a very helpful person. I believe Abdul will have one of the top accounts on this side of Twitter due to his innovative perspective & consistent output. Look forward to see more of what he has in store

I got to know Abdul via Twitter and he inspired me to change my mindset and focus on the things that actually matter. Things that will make me money. He made me realize that impossible is nothing. Thanks to him, I have since been in control of my actions (and my life too). I have gone ahead to develop for myself money making skills. Now I help rising businesses make more sales (and more money**). I’m grateful that with single tweet, Abdul changed my life.


He has helped me jumpstart my online business. Not only does he provide actionable advice but his spirit is infectious. By simply communicating online he has inspired me to push my business to the next level.

Great and honest man. He’s been succeeding so fast, but you know how it is … “whoever sows generously will also reap generously”


Very organized, hard working entrepreneur. Helps a lot of people and he’s destined for success.

He is a young gun with a passion who’s made millions in sales. This guy’s going to $B soon!


Abdul is a light heavyweight champion at e commerce.I actualIy don’t think he is a genius; he ABSOLUTELY is.His application of his skillset to multiple businesses has seen him casually crunch numbers many can only dream of.His zeal to teach these same principles would see millions climb out of the rat race.

Abdul-Qawiyy is a very intelligent and hard worker. He’s very pleasant to work with. All of my interactions with him have ended in positive outcomes.


This guy KNOWS how to make money. He has DONE IT, and will walk you through exactly how to change your life and PRINT money. I’m not joking. His life is real and is great motivation. Y’all gotta commit to Abdul-Qawiyy!

Extremely hard working entrepreneur who improves your life from the moment you meet him with his positivity and enthusiasm.

I haven’t met him in person yet but I already know he’s a high quality individual who is nothing but a positive influence.


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